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  • Is beard care important?
    Definitely! Like all great things in life, your beard requires some love too. Our blend of all natural essential oils help nourish your hair and skin keeping it healthy.
  • Are your products animal tested?
    No, none of our products are ever tested on animals. We make products that we personally use on a daily basis and adjust ingredients based on feedback from family and friends.
  • Can I use your beard oil to help with dry skin?
    Absolutely! Apply a couple drops and it will immediately soothe dry/itchy skin.
  • How do I use your beard oils/balms?
    Great question! Oils: 4 drops to the palm of your hand. Apply the oil to your beard with both hands. Brush/Comb through evenly. Balms: Take a nickel size amount to the palm of your hand. Work the balm in your hands to an oil state. Apply the the balm evenly to your beard. Brush/Comb through evenly.
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